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Welcome to Athens, the capital of Greece, the gateway connecting East and West, the city of the Acropolis and the Parthenon, Sokrates and Plato. Of Tragedies and Comedies, Philosophy and Science, ancient theaters, sun and sea, outdoor cafes in the Old and New city.
...But also of modern arts, the new Metro and Airport, the 2004-Olympic Games, open minded tolerance.
Welcome to Athens, where the Old meets the New in a unique combination.

Athens sights

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens

The New York Times has published (April 2008) an article on Athens. In it there is a reference to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens: "In neighboring Exarcheia, the renovated National Archaeological Museum (Patission 44; 30-210-821-7724) has classical sculptures and gold treasures from Mycenae". We think of this reference as being the Understatement of the century!
This is because the Greek National Archaeological Museum in Athens is rightfully considered to be not only the most important, yet also one of the richest archaeological museums in the world in terms of containing Ancient Greek Art!

The Greek National Archaeological Museum is housed in a neoclassical building designed by the noted German architect Ernst Ziller in 1889. It houses perhaps the most impressive collection of ancient Greek treasures in the world. The neoclassical design of the exterior tries its best to keep up with the true Greek classic style of the works it houses. This museum includes the golden so-called "Mask of Agamemnon", excavated by Heinrich Schliemann at ancient Mycenae, the bronze "boy jockey" of Artemision that somehow stayed in great condition despite being fished out of the sea, and a range of excellent sculptures, pottery, furniture and jewellery.

Further wonderful inclusions are:

  • Prehistoric items/Ruins
  • Sculpture
  • Pottery and Minor art
  • Bronzes
  • Egyptian Art

Operating Hours are as follows:
Monday 13.00-19.30
Tuesday-Sunday 08.30-15.00

Telephone Contact: 210/821-7717 Address: 44, 28th Oktovriou (Patission) Ave, Athens, Greece


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